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Shoaib Akhtar: Pay per Play !

Pakistan Cricket’s king of controversy is back in the limelight!

The latest on Shoaib Akhtar is that he might not be a part of the squad for the upcoming Champions Trophy after all!

Reason: He has yet to pay a fine worth seven million Pak rupees to the Pakistan Cricket Board!

Although his 5 year long ban was reduced to 18 months, the fine slapped in him by the board had always been there. Now, even with the relaxation that he can play international cricket, it has been decided that he will not be picked for the probable 30 if he does not pay up!

With July 15 being the last date to announce the squad, Pakistan better move quick to resolve this issue. It’s a classic ‘pay per play’ situation for our speedster!

Trust him to land in such situations at the drop of the hat! *chuckles*


The World Ahead – A Look In To The Future!

Ever since man has started grasping the logic of Time and Space… he has been equally excited and worried about what to expect ahead. We all do in one way or the other I suppose.

When will our next salary come? When are we going to die? What will become of the world after a 100 years? The list is of course endless.

WeCite’s Fauzan and myself have taken some time to provide you a fraction of the answers to what the future holds. We might not be able to predict your death (because some things better be left to Faith and Fate alike), but we can tell you of some exciting and amazing things that are set to happen till the 23rd century!

We are in the 21st century by the way… in case you did not know!

While the chairman of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates is set to step down from daily duties after three decades on July 31 this year (shoot yourself right now if you did not know this!), we will start our estimations and predictions from the year 2009 and move forward 2009… 2010… 2015… 2020… 2030… 2040… and so forth.

Please note that these predictions are based on current trends and estimates. If things don’t happen the way they are listed here, you better not blame us! The list does not cover each and every event that would happen around the world. So if you are looking forward to finding out of they would ever make the sequel to Sex and The City, you’re on the wrong website! Sorry!

On a personal note, both Fauzan and I have been swept by amazement and sadness while compiling this list. There are certain events that only our children or our children’s children will witness or hear of. The likes of us would have long perished… returned from where we came from… dust to dust. The future holds many hopes and promises. It also holds warnings and disasters in the making. The decisions we take now, in our present, can affect the outcome that our next generations will either enjoy or suffer from.

So read on fellow earthlings, about what is yet to unfold…

Continue reading ‘The World Ahead – A Look In To The Future!’


Pakistan Cricket: All About Prayers, not Players!

Yet again, the Pakistan Cricket team hinges on the rise and fall of run rates in the on going Asia Cup!

The hosts, after being slaughtered by the likes of Sri Lanka and India, have now been tagged as virtually ‘out of the tournament’ unless the following series of events take place:

First of all, Pakistan needs to beat India in the game today. Once they succeed in doing so, they will have to draw our their prayer mats and start hoping that Sri Lanka are victorious over India in their scheduled match on Thursday. That is not just it. Pakistan will then once again have to step in the field and strive to beat Bangladesh COMPREHENSIVELY on Friday! Only then will Pakistan have a chance of appearing in the final and that too is dependant on the run rate statistics!

Hmm… now how many times have we encountered such similar scenarios?

How do we manage to get to this point every other time? Beats me!

So take out your prayer mats people. Pakistan Cricket team needs your prayers. The players, it seems, are no longer effective!



Asia Cup 2008 – Epic Battle with Front-liners Missing!

Come June 23rd, and the cricket frenzy will once again hit Asia like a thunder-bolt!

This time… It will be the ASIA CUP 2008!

Although the line-up of contestants for the glory include minows like Hong Kong, U.A.E and the underdogs Bangladesh… the real battle is a three way, horns-locking, rampage of the titans: Pakistan – India – Sri Lanka!

By no means will this event be over-shadowed by the heat waves engulfing the host nation Pakistan these days. Players and fans alike will push the thought of sweating profusely under the sun aside and draw battle lines in this epic tournament.

On paper, all three are equally balanced and a force to reckon with. Unfortunately, by sheer coincidence, the three giants are all missing their front line attackers as well! Continue reading ‘Asia Cup 2008 – Epic Battle with Front-liners Missing!’


Update: Awaited Test Results To Decide Asif’s Issue

It has now been learned that Mohammad Asif’s return home will be decided when test results for the substance found in his luggage come back.

While PCB and Pakistan’s Ambassador to Pakistan are ‘hopeful’ for a positive way out of this situation, a lawyer has already been appointed to assist the cricketer.

There are conflicting statements with regards to whether Asif is merely being kept in custody on suspision or there actually has been a charge and arrest made against him. As news of his ‘arrest’ has spread through out the media like wild-fire, the Pakistani ambassador, Ahsan Ullah Khan has stated various claims of charges lodged and charges dropped against the player as untrue and baseless.

There is no question of charges against Mohammad Asif being dropped (by UAE authorities) when no charge has been filed against him as yet!

IPL has already said that, if found guilty, Asif will not be a part of their future campaigns and he could very well face a life ban from professional cricket as well.


Afghanistan in Cricket World Cup 2011? Highly Likely!

A national cricket team from a rugged, war-torn, bombed to oblivion country of Afghanistan could very well be one of the competitors for the 2011 Cricket World Cup scheduled to be held in the subcontinent!

As recent as June 02, 2008, Team Afghanistan returned to a heroes welcome back in Kabul after winning the Division 5 final of the World Cricket League held in Britain. They won against home team Jersey in a dramatic two-wicket win in a match which forms part of the qualification pathway to the 2011 World Cup.

Afghanistan and Jersey now qualify for the fourth division of the World Cricket League, to be held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in October, putting the Afghan team one step closer to qualification for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.


Further stages will follow in Argentina and the United Arab Emirates leading to the top four associate or affiliate teams in the world booking their places at the World Cup to be staged in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Those four will join the 10 full members to decide the top one-day side in the world.

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