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Pakistan strenghthens its borders with fresh troops movement

With plans to thwart any attack from across the border by the Indian Armed forces, fresh troops have been deployed at the Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir and along the international border to protect “vital points” where an insertion or ‘push’ by the enemy is expected.

There has been massive brigade movements to and from all major cities across the country in preparation for any strike against the country any where. Pakistan Air Force is also on high alert with warplanes constantly patrolling the skies and guarding strategic and senstive installations across the country.

While leaders of the both the nations keep stating that there is no possibility of a war at hand, when it comes to India, Pakistan can not afford to be lenient and play cool.

More to come as situation develops.


Solving 9-20: Questions still unanswered!

The suicide blast that left scores of people dead and hundreds injured raises some very important questions and speculations that need to be answered. There are far too many ambiguities in the chain of events before, during, and even after the attack that raises eyebrows. Here are some of the those questions:

1- The Mysterious US Embassy Truck

2- The Blue-Flamed Fire on 4th and 5th Floor

3- The CCTV Footage That Ends Abruptly

4- The Gas Pipeline Claim

5- The CDA’s Uncharged Batteries

6- Intelligence Reports – Neglected or Planted?

7- Building the case for devaluing Pakistan

1- The Mysterious US Embassy Truck

Why was a US embassy truckload of steel boxes unloaded and shifted inside the Marriott Hotel on the same night when Admiral Mike Mullen met Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and others in Islamabad? This was two nights before the Marriott attack. It is questionable as to why both the main gates (the entrance and the exit) of the hotel were closed while no one except the US Marines were either allowed to go near the truck or get the steel boxes unloaded or shift them inside the hotel. None of the hotel staff or security were authorized to be any where near the truck. Who gave this authorization? Was it the owner Hashwani?

Furthermore, these steel boxes were transported by hand to the 4th and 5th floors of the hotel WITHOUT going through the scanners installed at the hotel’s lobby entrance. Why was this allowed in the first place?

Washington has tried to clear the air by saying that the steel boxes in question were in fact part of the equipment that moves along with any high ranking official’s visit (Admiral Mullen in this case). If this is so then how come no explanation was given at the time these boxes were being transported. Why now?

Read the rest after the jump.

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9/20: Pakistan Under Attack

Hotel Marriott in Islamabad burns

UPDATE: Sept 22 / 10:07 AM

Second American dead in blast

UPDATE: Sept 22 / 6:05 AM

Czech ambassador to Pakistan confirmed dead in Marriott suicide blast

Danish Intelligence agent missing after Marriott blast

UPDATE: Sept 21 / 2:45 AM

Initial reports claim lone suicide bomber carried out blast

UPDATE: Sept 21 / 10:53 PM

Al-Qaeda tape called for Pakistan attacks

UPDATE: Sept 21 / 8:32 PM

CCTV Footage of Attack Released

UPDATE: Sept 21 / 12:07 PM

US Marines shifted mysterious steel boxes in to Marriott

UPDATE: Sept 21 / 06:40 AM

Statement on the Explosion at the Islamabad Marriott Hotel by Bill Marriott

At approximately 7:00 p.m. local time, an apparent car bomb exploded outside of the Islamabad Marriott in Pakistan. The bomb caused extensive damage to the front of the hotel and started a fire. Marriott International and the hotel are working with local authorities and rescue personnel to assist victims. News reports indicate numerous people were killed and injured in the blast. “We live in a dangerous world and this is a terrible tragedy. We grieve for those people who died, or were injured, and their families,” said Bill Marriott.

UPDATE: Sept 21 / 06:30 AM

Pakistan government was aware of a possible attack by terrorists in the capital


Suicide bomber rammed a 1000 KG explosives-laden truck into the main gate of Marriott Hotel around 8pm
– Explosion left a 25-foot deep and 30-foot wide crater
– Entire area turned to rubble
– Gas pipeline burst keeping the hotel building ablaze for hours

– Fears of Marriott building collapsing after the blast
– Buildings within a 3-km radius were damaged, including Frontier House and PTV building
– Powerful explosion heard as far as 30 kilometers away

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Qureshi Bend Over!

This has got to be the first ever instance of a Pakistani Foreign Minister going around and kicking his own country in the butt and accusing her of violating other nations’ sovereignty!

While he silently condemned the recent US Air strike, he also added:

permit me to say as well that we too have the responsibility to ensure that there are no actions from here that violate the sovereignty of another country

What are you on these days Mr. Qureshi? Did you even realize what you were saying and in what context. Our own foreign minister is blatantly pointing out that Pakistan is involved with promoting terrorism across its borders: the very same blabber that India, Afghanistan, and the United States keep uttering!


The Official Ramchand Pakistani Trailer

Coming this August at a cinema near you!

R e l a t e d     L i n k s

Ramchand Pakistani Official Site ]

[ Mehreen Jabbar Official Site ]

[ Tribeca Film Festival: Ramchand Pakistani ]

[ Minority Report: Ramchand Pakistani by Madeeha Syed ]


Alison Nelson :: The Fashionable Chocolate!

Alison Nelson Chocolate Bars

Image courtesy of Alison Nelson Website

You might never taste chocolate in the same light after savoring an Alison Nelson Chocolate Bar, a chain of gourmet cocoa emporiums!

Make way for the utterly fashionable trend in the luxurious chocolate market today for Alison Nelson is coming to town!

The venture is being set up in India and Pakistan thanks to a partnership with Dubai based HFK General Trading.

The Alison Nelson chocolate bar is an amazing brand and a unique concept that offers no only a chocolate cafe, but also a fresh, vibrant blend of fashion and art, which is exactly what our customer is looking for. I am sure it is going to be an unprecedented success.

Hassan Khan, CEO: HFK General Trading

Known for its cocoa and unusual flavor combinations such as ‘salty pretzel’ and ‘malted milk’, Chocolate Bar employs an artful approach, using graffiti-influenced chocolate-bar wrappers designed by iconic New York-based artists.

Consumers will join Chocolate Bar’s A-list fans such as celebrity Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts, Scarlett Johanson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Uma Thurman, who all rave about the presentation and most of all the adventurous flavor combinations: Nelson’s boutiques prove that the
world’s favorite sweet goes with everything: at the sleek outlet in New York’s upscale Henri Bendel store, a typical sandwich is made from a melted dark 72% chocolate bar dabbed with olive oil and sea salt. Gourmet chocolate from high-quality cocoa beans can be eaten, drunk, or even used in the
store’s own line of cocoa-based beauty products.


So will the new trend in the chocolate market jolt already present icons like Patchi and the Chocolate Fondue Fountain in Karachi?

Only time will tell!

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Ramchand Pakistani premiers August 1

Ramchand Pakistani

Mehreen Jabbar’s much awaited ‘Ramchand Pakistani‘ will makes its debut simultaneously in Pakistani and Indian cinemas on August 1. This will be, so far, only the second time that a movie will be released in the two countries on the same date. The first one ever to attain this was Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal back in November last year.

The film portrays the story of a family torn apart as a father follows his son who had accidentally strayed across the border into India, and both get captured by the Indian authorities. Nandita Das from the acclaimed hits of the 1990s like Fire (1996) and Earth (1998 ) plays the Pakistani mother struggling for their freedom, and mourning their long absence. This story is said to be based on true events.

The film features many prominent Pakistani actors such as Rashid Farooqi, Noman Ijaz, Maria Wasti, Shahood Alvi, Tipu, Adarsh Ayaz, Saleem Mairaj, and of course the our little star, Syed Fazal Hussain who plays Ramchand.

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