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Pakistan-US forces trade fire!

Yet another incident has taken place at the borders where two US helicopters crossed in to Pakistani territory in North Waziristan despite the strong stance taken by the Pakistan Army against further border incursions.

The latest exchange came after the helicopters crossed the border from Afghanistan. U.S. military officials however stated that the helicopters were in Afghan air space the whole time. Yet another claim surfaced from United States that the helicopter, a U.S. Army OH-58D Kiowas, was in fact providing ground cover to a small contingent of US Army troops on a border patrol with Afghan Police.

The U.S. State Department said it was awaiting the results of an investigation of the incident by Pakistan and deemed the shooting incident as troubling.

Pakistani Military spokesman, Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas brushed aside US’s statement as some thing that didn’t make sense at all.

Two helicopters crossed into our territory in North Waziristan. They passed over our border checkpost, so our troops fired warning shots. The helicopters returned fire and then went back across the border into Afghanistan.

President Asif Ali Zardari stated that the warning shots fired by Pakistani Armed Forces were in fact flares with the intention to let the copters know that they have crossed in to the border. He stressed that the shots did not carry any hostile intent what so ever.

The ever so increasing incidents of visible US interventions in to Pakistan is a disturbing sign. At times it even looks like the United States is inciting Pakistani Armed Forces and the tribesmen on purpose to build a case against extensive firing on their men and machines. Moreover, it is only a matter of time whereby terrorists see this as yet another golden opportunity to further damage the Pak-US relations. US copters could be attacked by the enemy from within the Pakistani borders even though they might not have crossed the border. A string of accusations and denials will follow from Washington and Islamabad and would surely dampen relations.

The United States must understand and realize the fragility of the situation. An ugly confrontation could easily be avoided if US forces would restrain themselves and let Pakistani military do its job in Pakistan.

Also read more on this news at CNN


Extended: Daylight Saving!

What did I tell you?

This government is in shambles. They don’t know what to do and how to do what needs to be done. WeCite gave you the heads up about the extended Daylight Saving last week (Aug 22)!

Oh and did I mention that they also might not shift the time back one hour after August for energy conservation reasons? That means even longer fasts!

It was back on June 1, 2008 when clocks were set forward by one hour to save electricity. This move was said to be for three months only and by that time-line, clocks were to be set back one hour on September 1. Now, the daylight saving might continue till November 1 as the government has declared that Pakistan Statdard Time will remain 6 hours ahead of GMT till October end!

An energy deficit of 4,500 megawatts is what Pakistan faces with low hydroelectric power generation. That of course is according to the government. The real figures may or may not be through the roof!

Already, there are rumors circulating throughout Lahore that load-shedding might be extended up to 16 hours to cushion the electricity and power demands. It is only a matter of time when your electricity bill double up now!

Also, if they have extended the daylight saving as we had predicted, does that means that petrol pumps WILL stay closed once a week and there will be a cap of 15-20 liters on petrol/diesel purchase from any station?!


Pakistan! Are you beginning to feel DEMOCRATIC and FREE? *chuckles*


A facelift for Facebook?

So here I was, online, exactly 10 minutes ago surfing aimlessly while dreaming about the upcoming Alison Nelson Chocolate Bar to hit Pakistan (now that is something to have drooling wet dreams about!) when my dear friend from Islamabad Metroblogs, A for [pine]Apple, pops up with a message asking me to check out a url: and so I clicked on.

I thought of it to be nothing more than a page listing what’s new to come or under development projects at facebook but lookie what we have here… seems like Facebook is going for a presentational change with it’s outlook! The whole setup is now broader with even more information up and visible on your home page.

Here’s the current homepage:

and this is the new version:

Is this going to official or just a test? Check yours out too by typing in

Personally, I don’t see much of a difference except for a broader outlook and a little bit more information that was available via the profile link and is not visible on the new homepage. Still looking in to it as we speak. If you have any thing to report about this new development, feel free to add in comments.

Happy surfing!


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Mobilink Genie Launched

Imagine having the freedom to conveniently manage some of the necessary home chores with the click of a finger on your mobile phones…

Mobilink’s brand new futuristic service called Mobilink Genie gives you just that, and a lot more!

Mobilink Genie is a mobile payment solution enabling Mobilink customers to use their mobile phones to buy a combination of products of their choice and pay for a mix of utility and general services. The program is in compliance with regulatory guidelines and safe for transactions; moreover, it has been hailed as a new and innovative chapter in the telecommunication sector of Pakistan.

The Mobilink Genie includes instant service on all GPRS/Java supporting hand-held devices covering payment of utility bills including electricity, gas, telephone; payment of Indigo bill & load or recharge any Jazz account.

In due course in time, options like ordering your favorite deal from McDonald’s and other eateries, booking airline tickets, confirming and paying for your flights, groceries and home shopping, paying fees of schools, universities, clubs and retail payments of restaurants and fuel will also be available on Mobilink Genie.

News courtesy of Pakistan Times


The World Ahead – A Look In To The Future!

Ever since man has started grasping the logic of Time and Space… he has been equally excited and worried about what to expect ahead. We all do in one way or the other I suppose.

When will our next salary come? When are we going to die? What will become of the world after a 100 years? The list is of course endless.

WeCite’s Fauzan and myself have taken some time to provide you a fraction of the answers to what the future holds. We might not be able to predict your death (because some things better be left to Faith and Fate alike), but we can tell you of some exciting and amazing things that are set to happen till the 23rd century!

We are in the 21st century by the way… in case you did not know!

While the chairman of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates is set to step down from daily duties after three decades on July 31 this year (shoot yourself right now if you did not know this!), we will start our estimations and predictions from the year 2009 and move forward 2009… 2010… 2015… 2020… 2030… 2040… and so forth.

Please note that these predictions are based on current trends and estimates. If things don’t happen the way they are listed here, you better not blame us! The list does not cover each and every event that would happen around the world. So if you are looking forward to finding out of they would ever make the sequel to Sex and The City, you’re on the wrong website! Sorry!

On a personal note, both Fauzan and I have been swept by amazement and sadness while compiling this list. There are certain events that only our children or our children’s children will witness or hear of. The likes of us would have long perished… returned from where we came from… dust to dust. The future holds many hopes and promises. It also holds warnings and disasters in the making. The decisions we take now, in our present, can affect the outcome that our next generations will either enjoy or suffer from.

So read on fellow earthlings, about what is yet to unfold…

Continue reading ‘The World Ahead – A Look In To The Future!’

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