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Solving 9-20: Questions still unanswered!

The suicide blast that left scores of people dead and hundreds injured raises some very important questions and speculations that need to be answered. There are far too many ambiguities in the chain of events before, during, and even after the attack that raises eyebrows. Here are some of the those questions:

1- The Mysterious US Embassy Truck

2- The Blue-Flamed Fire on 4th and 5th Floor

3- The CCTV Footage That Ends Abruptly

4- The Gas Pipeline Claim

5- The CDA’s Uncharged Batteries

6- Intelligence Reports – Neglected or Planted?

7- Building the case for devaluing Pakistan

1- The Mysterious US Embassy Truck

Why was a US embassy truckload of steel boxes unloaded and shifted inside the Marriott Hotel on the same night when Admiral Mike Mullen met Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and others in Islamabad? This was two nights before the Marriott attack. It is questionable as to why both the main gates (the entrance and the exit) of the hotel were closed while no one except the US Marines were either allowed to go near the truck or get the steel boxes unloaded or shift them inside the hotel. None of the hotel staff or security were authorized to be any where near the truck. Who gave this authorization? Was it the owner Hashwani?

Furthermore, these steel boxes were transported by hand to the 4th and 5th floors of the hotel WITHOUT going through the scanners installed at the hotel’s lobby entrance. Why was this allowed in the first place?

Washington has tried to clear the air by saying that the steel boxes in question were in fact part of the equipment that moves along with any high ranking official’s visit (Admiral Mullen in this case). If this is so then how come no explanation was given at the time these boxes were being transported. Why now?

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The (tight) lip service

Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gillani has put a clamp on Pakistani ministers on issuing political and strategic statements from now onwards. Only Sherry Rehman, Minister of Information, or Akram Shaheedi, Pakistan’s Information Secretary, would be entitled to issue statements in the future.

In another similar development, all Pakistani private channels have voluntarily stopped airing Taliban comments on the continued military operation in different parts of the North-West Frontier Province bordering Afghanistan. Under this change, the channels will not air views of the Taliban leadership against the ongoing offensive.

Anchors at Dawn News and Aaj TV were seen calling the militants as ‘Taliban’ and reporting solely on the military progress and activities.

This is a complete turn over from the same media houses that have largely been skeptical of the Armed Forces offensive against (as they used to put it) alleged terrorists in the North. One might wonder what ever happened to that point of view now that they all have voluntarily decided to ban any pro-taliban stance what so ever. Perhaps they were paid the right price this time around.


9/20: Pakistan Under Attack

Hotel Marriott in Islamabad burns

UPDATE: Sept 22 / 10:07 AM

Second American dead in blast

UPDATE: Sept 22 / 6:05 AM

Czech ambassador to Pakistan confirmed dead in Marriott suicide blast

Danish Intelligence agent missing after Marriott blast

UPDATE: Sept 21 / 2:45 AM

Initial reports claim lone suicide bomber carried out blast

UPDATE: Sept 21 / 10:53 PM

Al-Qaeda tape called for Pakistan attacks

UPDATE: Sept 21 / 8:32 PM

CCTV Footage of Attack Released

UPDATE: Sept 21 / 12:07 PM

US Marines shifted mysterious steel boxes in to Marriott

UPDATE: Sept 21 / 06:40 AM

Statement on the Explosion at the Islamabad Marriott Hotel by Bill Marriott

At approximately 7:00 p.m. local time, an apparent car bomb exploded outside of the Islamabad Marriott in Pakistan. The bomb caused extensive damage to the front of the hotel and started a fire. Marriott International and the hotel are working with local authorities and rescue personnel to assist victims. News reports indicate numerous people were killed and injured in the blast. “We live in a dangerous world and this is a terrible tragedy. We grieve for those people who died, or were injured, and their families,” said Bill Marriott.

UPDATE: Sept 21 / 06:30 AM

Pakistan government was aware of a possible attack by terrorists in the capital


Suicide bomber rammed a 1000 KG explosives-laden truck into the main gate of Marriott Hotel around 8pm
– Explosion left a 25-foot deep and 30-foot wide crater
– Entire area turned to rubble
– Gas pipeline burst keeping the hotel building ablaze for hours

– Fears of Marriott building collapsing after the blast
– Buildings within a 3-km radius were damaged, including Frontier House and PTV building
– Powerful explosion heard as far as 30 kilometers away

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In Images: a 15 year old suicide bomber!

We have been saying for a long time now that the so-called ‘Pakistani Taliban’ is a group of criminals and not Mujahideen and their agenda is suspicious. These exclusive pictures, released by BRASSTACKS today, provide the proof. This is the Nowshera boy who was arrested before he could pull the trigger on his suicide jacket. A poor 15-year-old. His masters, people like Baitullah Mehsud, are using Pakistani children to kill ordinary Pakistanis and to spread chaos. What Muslim or Pakistani would do this? Why do Pakistani government authorities not bring these people on television so that we could ask them: How did they take you away from your parents? How did they tell you to pull the trigger and you will be immediately taken by Angels to Heavens? What are the training camps you attend? Who are these people? How can they have so much money to spend? How do they terrorize the poor tribal Pakistanis and hold them hostage with their shiny new weapons and scary hoods that hide their faces? How can we know that suspicious foreign players are not part of this game? Anyone can play this game. All you need to fool our people is a lot of money, local contacts, the ability to speak Pashto/Urdu and good knowledge of Islam. It is called ‘Special Operations’.

See the remaining images below


Pakistan (finally) bans Taliban!

In a seemingly tough stance taken by Islamabad, the Taliban have been banned in Pakistan.

Please give a round of applause to a government that has just woken up and smelt the coffee burning!


This organization is a terrorist organization and created mayhem against public life

Are you kidding me? Is this Rehman Malik sympathizing with those who lost their lives at POF Wah and the emergency ward in D.I Khan? So there people are now the terrorists? The same Taliban who openly threatened to reign havoc over the country over Lal Masjid; an issue that had all their sympathies? So with the equations balanced, this meant the now-government supported Taliban back then!

And how come I never heard of any one from PPP denouncing Taliban as a threat to public life when suicide bombings went off earlier this year and last year and the year after? All we got from them back then was a bunch of fingers pointed at the Army and President Musharraf, even though the Army was the one whose people were being blown up the most. Where is all this sympathy coming from now?

Or maybe it is what it is suppose to be: a move to please USA. Anyone aiding a proscribed organization — through financial assistance, promoting them in literature or in other ways — can be jailed for up to 10 years under Pakistan’s anti-terrorism laws.

So I’m confused now. Since the government has rejected a cease-fire offer by Taliban in Bajur recently, where our Armed forces have killed hundreds of Taliban in the past few weeks, are we looking towards a government that plans to not only go hard on Taliban but also brace for a new wave of suicide bombings in the country and take responsibility for the lives we are going to lose? Because in all honesty, we know that will be the backlash.

Hmm… I wonder what happened to solving conflict with peace and dialogue!


Enough is Enough!

In what is undoubtedly ranked amongst the deadliest of attacks by Taliban on Pakistan soil, at least 70 people have lost their lives while well over 100 remain critically injured. Majority of those who passed away and those who lie in pain and agony on hospital beds are poor workers at the Pakistan Ordinance Factory, Wah Cantt., one of Pakistan’s most sensitive and important military installations.

Maulvi Umar, spokesperson of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), later graced several news channels with his presence where he was treated with more respect than he deserved as he declared with no regret or shame that the TTP was the master-mind behind these suicide bombings. He further added:

More bombings will be carried out in major cities, including the capital and the southern metropolis of Karachi, unless the offensives are halted

Is THIS not an open declaration of war?

I pity a nation that ours is who are driven by their hearts rather than their minds. In the face of such unabashed and open threat to our national security, we remain, at most, a herd of sheep who are led blindly by their emotions and sentiments when it comes to religion. Sad that the realization has never dawned on this nation in over 60 years of its existence that the countries enemies know this weakness and capitalize on it to the fullest! Those who term Pakistan Army as the ‘na-Pak’ Army or despise our armed forces rightly deserve to be charged with treason.  The Pakistan Army is fighting to eliminate a viable threat to our country’s solidarity. Those who pose this threat and those who give refuge to these terrorists are equal and should be dealt with in similar fashion.

Pakistan is at WAR! The sooner our ‘developing’ awaam realizes it, the better.


Peshawar could fall to Taliban in a matter of months!

The threat to our national security could not get chiller than this!

A news post in the Daily Times says: “The Taliban are no longer at the gates of Peshawar, they’re inside, making their presence felt in the largest city in the NWFP. “

Fazlur Rehman, the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam chief has warned that it is only a matter of few months when news of the entire NWFP slipping out of the government’s control will come.

News is pouring on about para-military commandos being deployed on border with Khyber Agency to protect the provincial capital from a Taliban attack. Their numbers are said to be around 1,500. Yet another anti-terrorist force of 7,000 men is being raised to counter the creeping insurgency.

Meanwhile, the government, all too busy with their long marches and restoration of so called democracy and justice, is lingering on with their useless peace talks with Taliban. Right! Let me get this straight. The very people you have a peace talk with then go back and burn ski resorts like one in Malam Jabba to ground or execute some 20 odd peace activists. The very same people are roaming around in Peshawar, brandishing their AK-47s and threatening people to follow their distorted and abnormal version of Islam… or face the consequences. The local police is helpless and slowly but surely, Taliban are gaining control. The amount of time that they buy with talks, they focus on multiplying their numbers. So sad that it is ever so hard for our public or politicians to see.

I wonder everyday why there is never a single protest against the Taliban? Why are our oh-so-patriotic students, lawyers, politicians, and journalists alike not raising hue and cry about an enemy that threatens the very existence of the country and is knocking on our door steps? Are they part of the consipiracy too? Or are they being led blindly by a few who are using them to gain their personal goals. Such a shame.

Let me tell all those upholders of democracy and justice. Be as it may, your ‘struggles’ for Pakistan’s freedom will be like flushed toilet material if Taliban start roaming in Islamabad! Forget your democracy and justice and media then. Because neither do they believe in legal courts, nor do they believe in your governmental setup and they certainly do not appreciate the media! So you can kiss all your efforts goodbye!

Open your eyes! See the big picture and if you want to protest, put this on your agenda too! Otherwise, pretty soon, Taliban will deny you the right to protest either!

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