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ISI Gets A New Chief

Promoted as recently as yesterday, Lt Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha has been appointed as the DG of Pakistan’s most elite and powerful Intelligence Agency, the ISI.

The move comes amid a major reshuffle at the top ranks within the Pakistan Army that saw new Corps Commanders take their places in Karachi, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, and Bahawalpur.

ISI chief Lt Gen Nadim Taj has been moved as commander Gujranwala Corps while Lt Gen Yousuf, present VCGS, has been appointed Corps Commander Bahawalpur. Present Corps Commander Bahawalpur Lt Gen Raza Khan has been shifted as DG Joint Staff Headquarters.

Seven major-generals were promoted to the rank of lieutenant-generals. They are Major General Tahir Mahmoud (Infantry – present Commander SSG), Major-General Shahid Iqbal (Infantry – Chief Instructor NDU), Major General Tanvir Tahir (EME – DG C4Is), Major-General Zahid Hussain (Artillery – Commandant Pakistan Military Academy), Major General Ahmad Shuja Pasha (Infantry – DG Military Operations), Major-General Mohammad Mustafa Khan (Armoured Corps – ISI), and Major-General Ayyaz Saleem Rana (Armoured Corps – ISI).

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Gilani Is A Child! – Mangal Bagh

An affirmation or a denial from the Lashkar-e-Islam’s leader was always expected after the report of our Prime Minister’s disclosure to the media on Monday

And the response has come…

I don’t have words for an appropriate answer to the claim by a person ought to be the most informed in the country. I am sure that none of the intelligence agencies of the country would have a glimpse of such accusation in their reports…

as stated by Mangal Bagh, leader of the defunct Lashkar-e-Islam organization

According to the Pakistan’s daily The NEWS , Mangal Bagh has slammed claims made by the Pakistani Prime Minister on Monday that he (Mangal Bagh) administered an oath for the MPs of the Khyber Agency for assisting him in a suicide attack on the parliament.

He, however, does admit that an oath was administered by the L-e-I to all candidates contesting the Feb 18 elections from Khyber Agency. But unlike the statement by Gilani, the oath constituted of the condition that ‘if elected, the member National Assembly would use every penny that he might get from the government, sans his salary, on the development of his constituency.’

He further added that according to the oath whoever is elected would allow Mangal Bagh to use his office to get its due share in funds for Khyber Agency and would resist any move that undermined the equal citizenship of his people. Any one failing this oath was suppose to resign.

There you have it. It’s Mangal Bagh’s word against Gilani’s.

Personally, ever since I read about the claim by Gilani, I couldn’t help feeling that it was a bit over-stated. Not to be biased or any thing but can we really believe such a severe accusation would have gone down quietly? If this was indeed what Mangal Bagh had planned, then we would have at least heard about some action taken against the elected MPs in the Khyber Agency by now. They are after all the ‘prime suspects’ aren’t they? Also, in the face of such a blatant and serious threat, the government would still not be thinking about possible talks with Lashkar-e-Islam or the TTP.

What now remains to be seen is a response from Gilani on this. But somehow, unlike my expectations of a definite response by Mangal Bagh, I am not too sure of a statement being issued by the PM on this.

The chain reaction has started. That is what ‘they’ wanted anyways!


Mangal Bagh’s “sabaz bagh” (green pastures) to Pakistani MPs

Talk about desperate measures and lucrative offers!

According to a recent news by, Mangal Bagh, the militant leader of the out-lawed Lashkar-e-Islam group in Pakistan, is now looking towards politicians and MPs in particular as the next pigeons to carry his suicide payloads right in to the heart of Pakistan Parliament!

And the source of this news is none other than our very own Prime Minister, Yousuf Raza Gilani!

Well now! That ought to give our cushioned politicians something  be nervous about!


I can tell you with authority that Mangal Bagh assured the candidates that only those who pledged to help carry out suicide bombings on the Parliament would emerge successful in the elections.

As stated be PM Gilani to media on Monday

Interesting to note here that the Prime Minister decided to spill this to the media a week or so AFTER the operation in Khyber Agency commenced.

Hmmm… why so?

Was THIS the basis of the offensive by the government after giving futile peace talks a shot?

Perhaps some of the elected MPs DID actually take an oath that they would assist Mangal Bagh in his dream to bring his tools of destruction to the Pakistani Parliament. The current show of force by Islamabad would then surely be a sign to any such MPs who might be thinking the Islamabad is as weak as Mangal Bagh assured.

Whatever the case maybe, if a one time bus conductor now wields the power to make our politicians dance to his will, then we’ve got a lot more than reinstating a few judges and impeaching the President to worry about!


Rumors, Sensationalism, and the Stock Market

Amid mixed signals coming from the coalition government in Islamabad, the Pakistan Army and the President’s office regarding President Pervez Musharraf’s plan to ‘call it a day’, Pakistani stocks have suffered a hard blow as they plunged to their lowest in almost 14 months.

The forbes website had this report to share on its website:

Thursday morning, the Karachi Stock Exchange’s 100-share index fell 4.2 percent to 11,742.83. The index hasn’t touched that level since early April, 2007

Owing to the hyped news about a possible resignation by the president in the next 48 hours, coupled with an air of uncertainty over the future of Pakistan’s fragile economy in the hands of a government already swamped with internal problems, investors were having ‘jitters’ according the Forbes report.

The Pakistan Army and the President’s office spokesperson were quick to dismiss this news as ‘nonsense’ and ‘baseless’ stating that there were no such plans under consideration. However, there has been a lot of buzz about the meeting between Army Chief Gen Kiyani and the President last night that went on till after midnight.

What was it about?

What was discussed?

Was the President given any options or timelines?

Or was the chief just dropping by to check on the Army House he is to occupy as soon as President Musharraf vacates it?  

Although the ISPR has termed this meeting to be a ‘routine matter’, there is certainly something in the air to raise our eye-brows about. We could very well be shooting blanks about this whole scenario but one can’t deny that the change in the command of the 111 Brigade, responsible for the security of the President, the capital and its adjoining city of Rawalpindi at such a crucial and tender point in time makes one think that ‘where there is smoke, there must be fire’! ISPR said Brigadier Aasim Salim Bajwa’s (commander 111 Brigade) relocation to the United States for a professional course is nothing abrupt and was scheduled for quite some time.

Adding fuel to the rumor was Nawaz Sharif’s address last night at Aiwan-e-Iqbal on the occasion that marked 10 years of Pakistan becoming a nulcear power and the first Islamic state to do so. Sharif’s speech centralized on Musharraf and Musharraf only as he slammed down the recent demands by some to give the President ‘safe passage’.

…’this man’ was a lair who backed out of all commitments he had made. He did not quit when the people gave a verdict against him in the elections, and earlier he did not honour his commitment of taking off his military uniform by the end of December 2004.

It is not a hidden fact that Nawaz and Musharraf do not see eye to eye. The heights of hatred they have for each other has been witnessed on various occasions esp when Nawaz Sharif made a failed attempt to come back to Pakistan last year and was sent away from the Islamabad airport and so forth. But politicians and dictators alike should weigh their words and personal grudges when in public. There is an entire nation that hangs on their every word.  

Personally, the President had several ‘ideal’ chances in the recent past to step down and hand over the reigns to a suitable candidate. The most recent one being the general elections. It was expected by a majority of Pakistanis and several nations around the world that perhaps Musharraf would step down after one of the most successful elections held in the country for decades. That announcement never came. The President stayed on for reasons known only to him or his closest circle. Now the people want him out. Out of the President’s chair, out of the Army House, and perhaps out of Pakistan (if he is that lucky).

One can only hope for a stable and progressive Pakistan in times to come…

The circus continues ladies and gentlemen.


And The Deal Is Done!

The much talked about, fought about, hyped about, and mocked about deal between Islamabad and the Taliban fighters in Pakistan’s north has finally been sealed. At least that is what we are being told this morning to say the least.

There are sketchy and murky details trickling in as to what exactly were the terms agreed upon by both sides. It really doesn’t matter though because it was evident from day 1 whom this deal benefits the most. But let’s not get in to that debate yet again.

It is said that is deal enjoys the backing of Baitullah Mehsud, the head of umbrella Taliban movement in Pakistan.

In shambles is what this deal will be if the Taliban do not stop using ongoing incidents of attacks on them from unidentified sources or from US across the border to thwart this peace initiative. Already, a bomb explosion in Pakistan’s tribal area bordering with Afghanistan killed six Taliban leaders this morning. are they going to pin this on Pakistan Army yet again and reply with another suicidal wave? That would surely shatter this so called deal quicker that you can say ‘whoa’!

While several nations from around the world have expressed their approval over the deal, Washington has remained speculative as always. They recently blocked the sale of APCs to the Pakistan Army and lately, they have imposed financial sanctions on four Lashkar-e-Taiba leaders, a Pakistani based extremist group.

So will this deal last?

Will the Taliban prance on the streets WITHOUT brandishing their rocket launchers and AK-47s according to the deal?

Will the unspecified number of militants and Taliban leaders released by the Pakistani government give up their antics and  ‘retire in peace’?

Will the continuous attacks on Pakistan Armed forces REALLY halt?

Will the bombings by United States predator drones have an impact on the deal?

Time will tell.


Fencing Strong and High!

The recent days have seen two major accomplishments in our defense systems that deserve a round of applause. While our nation is being blindly fed the political fodder by its so called guardians of democracy, it’s heartening to see that those having the purest of passions for Pakistan have kept their heads down and ignored the blasphemous sermons of these lunatics and worked on making Pakistan better, and stronger.

First up is the recent test fire of the Hatf VI missle (also known as Shaheen II) that happened this Monday. The missle that is capable of carrying nuclear war-head anywhere in India  has a range of 1200 miles, the longest of the several missles in Pakistan’s nuclear capable arsenal. Not only does this cover India but also far flung targets in Afghanistan, Iran, and Central Asia as well!

Secondly, the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has inducted the much awaited Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System (UAVs) to their fleet! This is indeed a great achievement in the true sense as such a stealth force is not only capable of prevailing over the skies but also deliver deadly payloads to its enemies!

Bravo Pakistan!



Fact File: 60 Years of Pakistan Leadership

President Pervez Musharraf has started his second term in office as a civilian President of Pakistan. Through out the 60 in Pakistan’s history, the helm of leadership has been exchanging hands from civilian to military heads and vice versa. Here’s presenting a quick chronological overview of Pakistan’s leadership since the country’s independence on 14th August 1947. All links to the names mentioned below are courtesy of the Wikipedia website.

Continue reading ‘Fact File: 60 Years of Pakistan Leadership’

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