9/20: Pakistan Under Attack

Hotel Marriott in Islamabad burns

UPDATE: Sept 22 / 10:07 AM

Second American dead in blast

UPDATE: Sept 22 / 6:05 AM

Czech ambassador to Pakistan confirmed dead in Marriott suicide blast

Danish Intelligence agent missing after Marriott blast

UPDATE: Sept 21 / 2:45 AM

Initial reports claim lone suicide bomber carried out blast

UPDATE: Sept 21 / 10:53 PM

Al-Qaeda tape called for Pakistan attacks

UPDATE: Sept 21 / 8:32 PM

CCTV Footage of Attack Released

UPDATE: Sept 21 / 12:07 PM

US Marines shifted mysterious steel boxes in to Marriott

UPDATE: Sept 21 / 06:40 AM

Statement on the Explosion at the Islamabad Marriott Hotel by Bill Marriott

At approximately 7:00 p.m. local time, an apparent car bomb exploded outside of the Islamabad Marriott in Pakistan. The bomb caused extensive damage to the front of the hotel and started a fire. Marriott International and the hotel are working with local authorities and rescue personnel to assist victims. News reports indicate numerous people were killed and injured in the blast. “We live in a dangerous world and this is a terrible tragedy. We grieve for those people who died, or were injured, and their families,” said Bill Marriott.

UPDATE: Sept 21 / 06:30 AM

Pakistan government was aware of a possible attack by terrorists in the capital


Suicide bomber rammed a 1000 KG explosives-laden truck into the main gate of Marriott Hotel around 8pm
– Explosion left a 25-foot deep and 30-foot wide crater
– Entire area turned to rubble
– Gas pipeline burst keeping the hotel building ablaze for hours

– Fears of Marriott building collapsing after the blast
– Buildings within a 3-km radius were damaged, including Frontier House and PTV building
– Powerful explosion heard as far as 30 kilometers away

War has come to Pakistan’s door step a long time ago. It is most unfortunate that even till yesterday, many of us denied this fact. Not any more. Not when War has pushed in to our house and is now in our living rooms, in our bedrooms, in our backyards, every where around us.

Pakistan is under attack!

1000 KG of explosives have rocked the Marriott Hotel in the capital tonight. As of this moment, some 70 people have been reported dead and close to 300 injured. This count does not include any fatalities that might still be burning bodies on the upper floors of the hotel where fires are still raging and the authorities are trying their best to douse the flames.

There are fears among officials that the building might collapse under the brunt of such a massive explosion that not only destroyed the hotel but many other buildings in its vicinity. The crater caused by the explosion is said to be 15 feet deep and 20 feet wide! That should tell you the intensity of the blast as it was.

The attack occurred hours after President Asif Ali Zardari made his first speech to parliament, pledging to fight terrorism. Pakistan is battling an Islamic insurgency that left 2,000 people dead last year and has strained the nation’s relationship with the U.S. as it and allies fight to subdue Taliban and AL-Qaeda forces in neighboring Afghanistan.

The blast occurred when an explosives-laden truck smashed into the gate of the hotel at around 8 p.m. The detonation at the most prominent U.S. business in the Pakistani capital was heard 30 kilometers (18 miles) away in neighboring Rawalpindi as well.

Some eye-witnesses who were lucky to be alive said that the suicide bomber sitting in the truck made an announcement that everyone had 3 minutes to run away and save their lives if they could. After this announcement, he also blew a siren. 3 minutes later, hell broke loose. Such a chilling account. Such is the power of these terrorists that they can drive around in trucks loaded with deadly explosives in our capital and bomb at will. In the CAPITAL of our country! Such is their boldness and their resolve that they boast openly what they are about to do taking not for a second in consideration the innocent lives they are about to take down with them.

God help us and wake this country. If we don’t do any thing decisive even after this mess, then I am afraid we deserve to be wiped off the map of this world, either by more suicide bombings or the forces (both internal and external) who want us finished!

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37 Responses to “9/20: Pakistan Under Attack”

  1. 1 Harris
    September 21, 2008 at 12:20 am

    God damnit! May all who died rest in peace. …

  2. 2 PZ
    September 21, 2008 at 12:21 am

    I have visited the hotel, the crater is too near the main road, others like the Serena are recessed from the throughfare. Latest figures over 60 dead including 7 foreigners and over 150 injured.
    Situation is so bad the tripple one brigade has been put into motion.

  3. 3 Sumera
    September 21, 2008 at 12:22 am

    1000 KGs of explosive material! Khudaya! 😐

  4. 4 Hawk Eye
    September 21, 2008 at 12:25 am

    A bit of information about this building:

    The Marriott hotel has layered security starting with what we call external environment (Stand Off Distance) this is the minimum distance required to provide protection from blast damage such as BBIED (Person Bomber) and VBIED (Car Bomber), the secondary is what we call security centred engineering (these include barriers and anti ram drums) the third is inspection and detection and these include, physical and visual vehicular searching systems conducted by both Security Personnel, undercarriage inspection systems complemented with Explosive Detection Dogs (these were deployed at Marriott)

    Should the primary (outer) cordon fail the building has been engineered to withstand moderate blast damage with outer layered sacrificial walls and Blast Proof Laminate on all windows.

    The third and final layer is active interior person search and luggage search matching that found at international airports, the building’s fire fighting system was built to include passive and active fire fighting systems.

    As reports suggest that there is a crater at the entrance 15Ft Deep and 20Ft Wide at the entrance near the Evacuee Trust Complex, GEO TV reports that a truck loaded with explosives approached the gate, at which point it was approached by security officials and the blast occurred.

    Whilst we cannot determine the exact type of explosive used or the exact quantity without having to swab and test for type of explosive used then run what we call (test craters) these help determine the exact size of explosive used and form part of the Post Blast Investigation, however we do use a simple guide to help us estimate the possible size of explosive used, this is accomplished by using a standoff distance calculation chart we can estimate the amount of potential explosive abroad the vehicle and the expected minimum safe distance in order to survive such an incident.

    I just want to make it clear that you cannot make un-educated guesses about the size of explosive used based on the vehicle, according to the BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives) a standard water-moving truck or large moving van can carry an estimated payload of up to 30,000 pounds of explosive.

    Given the estimated size of explosive the chart recommends that the minimum building evacuation distance for such a threat should be 378Meters or 1240Feet, clearly the stand-off distance from front to main entrance at the Marriott is an estimated 20 Ft, in such a case the result would be lethal.

    Such a sad not just with regards to the economic repercussions but also the heart wrenching loss of life, terrible despicable act in the month of Ramadan at the time of Iftar after Magrib prayers…

    My prayers are with the dead, injured and their families.

  5. 5 Phantom
    September 21, 2008 at 12:26 am

    Pakistani nation! ab to jaago! We are at WAR for God’s sake!

  6. 6 Steven Taylor
    September 21, 2008 at 12:28 am

    What will be the Pakistani reaction?

    I can imagine Pakistanis seeing the bloodshed, including that of many Pakistanis working at the hotel, and turning against the militants and wanting to destroy them. But they might also see such violence as the result of American-backed attacks on the tribal areas near the Afghan border, and simply conclude that if Pakistan leaves the militants to their own devices in the tribal areas, then the militants will leave Islamabad alone.

    Just my opinion on the matter.

  7. 7 lestat
    September 21, 2008 at 12:29 am

    This is an outrage! I smell RAW and CIA behind this! Don’t be surprised if major 5 star hotels suddenly get blown up in all major cities of india. They just crossed over the line. I hope ISI gives them all a befitting reply.

  8. 8 Maliha
    September 21, 2008 at 12:30 am

    Inna lillah wa inna ilaihi raji’oon 😦

  9. 9 Shaheen
    September 21, 2008 at 12:31 am

    lestat you are right! but my guess is the executioner of this attack was most likely a TTP member either from tribal area or even from Afghanistan. But the amount of explosions used suggest it was not solely done by some disgrunteled TTP jahil in a cave, rather other hands are involved as well.

  10. 10 Urooj
    September 21, 2008 at 12:33 am

    1000 KG of explosive on truck…..What our agencies were doing? If trucks with this amount of explosives can move around and in between cities then “Pakistan ka Allah hi Hafiz…”

  11. 11 Iron Hide
    September 21, 2008 at 12:36 am

    Guys, we need to get a handle on this…

    We have to look at the Indian attempt to link the Kashmiri struggle in with this… India is gleefully pressing the situation to its advantage vis a vis kashmir and Afghanistan…

    I think this specific case has the markings of alqaida… al qaida is into the spectacular stuff…

    Fact is that there is no clear way out of the mess… Siding with the west has and will continue to make Pakistan a battle ground… Battle grounds do not prosper…

    If we side with the west (US and to a lesser extent India)… we’re also putting the kashmiris in the ditch…

    honestly, I think we need to re think our policies in light of what would be in Pakistan’s interests…

    The solution to Pakistan’s troubles lie in Afghanistan…

    As I have previously said; we have to keep pressing for a pushtun dominated govt in kabul… India and the northern alliance have successfully countered our push for that… The US needs to listen… There are 15 million pushtun in Afghanistan and 23 in Pakistan…

    If the US doesnt listen to we should not allow them to pull us down due to their idiocy…

    The current afghan army is all northern alliance; who are systematically eradicating pushtun tribes by simply calling down bombings upon their opponents…

    The northern alliance – india partnership has to be broken… These are the same people behind our other regional problems (BLA and Baitullah Mehsud)… India has done the same thing before in 71… Lets not get caught up in the same trap…

  12. 12 fahad bashir
    September 21, 2008 at 12:38 am

    1000 KG is not a small amount! there has to be a foreign hand in this

  13. 13 pakistani
    September 21, 2008 at 12:41 am

    Let’s not let this attack go unavenged. We need to take the war to the terrorists and blow them to bits just like they blow our people

  14. 14 Kermit
    September 21, 2008 at 12:44 am

    Enough is enough!

    We need to call a spade a spade NOW. We need a new hardcore anti terror legislation, the legal right to use torture to extract information, the right to eavesdrop, anyone deemed to be justifing terrorist attacks should face a prison sentence, be they a dumb mullah or a MLA. We need a wholescale media campaign against them, we need to demonise them, we need to get rid of thier public backing and under that veil we can wipe them out any which way we want without a word being uttered. We need to break their spirit and their will!

    Once we have secured our territory, then we can work towards moving things outwards.

  15. September 21, 2008 at 1:05 am

    May Allah bless the souls of all who died such a tragic death today. I don’t know what else to comment on what has happened. It is one of those times when I don’t have words to speak of.

  16. September 21, 2008 at 1:56 am

    How come 1000 kg explosive material entered in ISLAMABAD
    if All the security is sleeping ?
    What the hell ISI doing, what is Police doing

    This is not done brother, this has been planned by some powers who don’t want peace in Pakistan, might be united states, might be India, might be Government itself.

  17. September 21, 2008 at 2:25 am

    We were at an Aftari dinner at a friends house in E9 and when the blast occurred there was no mistaking it for what it was. The windows rattled and the building trembled and we all looked at each other in silence, hoping that someone would come out with an explanation that it was anything other than the obvious, but no one spoke for a few minutes. We turned on the news and were greeted with the news that the Marriot Hotel in sector F6 of Islamabad had been attacked. We often went there for it was the only place in Islamabad where you could get Sushi !

    It has been a few hours since the blast and reports are coming in thick and fast. Many injured and many more dead, the entire building is ablaze and there is a HUGE crater where the valet parking pay used to be in front of the entrance.

    Hotel staff are reporting on TV news channels that up until yesterday there were a large number of foreigners and diplomats staying at the hotel and dining there but today almost all foreigners had checked out and only 3 tables had been booked by foreigners.

    My opinion of the matter is that the enemies of Pakistan have decided that now is the time to act since the army is no longer in power and a civilian government is much easier to handle.

    Please pray for the victims and for the future of Pakistan

  18. 18 Qasim Aziz
    September 21, 2008 at 5:32 am

    The best thing that can be done in the short term is figuring out who was behind the attack and completely obliterating their organization. Stopping our advances in Bajaur/Swat will be the stupidest move, as it would give our enemies the belief that we will back down if pressure is applied. If any evidence of foreign play is discovered it should be fully exposed and thrust onto the world stage.

  19. 19 readinglord
    September 21, 2008 at 5:34 am

    Yes they will certainly increase security but only of their person by enforcing their ‘Root’ on the main highways, like the Islamabad Highway, and make the people stand in the sun for hours and get insulted by the police by blocking the roads as though these roads of Pakistan are their fathers’ property. People can do nothing but to cry out in Faiz’s voice “Ham jo taarik raahon mein maare gaye”.

  20. 20 Danish Malik
    September 21, 2008 at 5:46 am

    This Pakistan’s 9/11 people. I am enraged and will try not to get carried away. But I think American failure in Afghanistan has at least played some role in where Pakistan is now. I’d say that Pakistani nation – all politicians, military, civil society people – need to get together in a grand meeting and publicly declare to disengage Pakistan from the WOT while at the same time announce a brutal policy of crushing these fundamentalists.

    Prepare to eat grass. This is now a fight for Pakistan’s existence. No more calling these jahils as ‘apne log’. No more calling those fighters in Lal Masjid as ‘Shaheed’. Those who do so should be exposed as the collaborators of these forces and be given a public hanging for treason to the state.

    Even if RAW/CIA/Mossad were behind these attacks how come WE can’t pay them back in the same way? It is because we have a wholesale supply of these brainwashed zombies who can be hired to do the bidding of Pakistan’s enemies.

    On 3rd September this year, Americans crossed a line and damaged Pakistan’s own war against the terrorists. Today the militants, whether independent or on any other country’s payroll, crossed a line too. Too hell with both! We will not forget our ‘9/20’.

  21. 21 Musa
    September 21, 2008 at 5:53 am

    I small Karzai and RAW behind this. The Northern Alliance has been a constant nightmare for Pakistan ever since they came in to power, thanks to the Americans. One of the conditions on which we joined this wretched War on Terror some seven years ago was that India will not be involved in any form or manner in Afghanistan. That has not materialized as Karzai’s govt allowed Indian Consulates all across their country, gave safe haven to BLA and virtually any one carrying even a grain of anti-Pakistan sentiments and have been threatening our solidarity for years.

    It is time to get even with the ba**ard Karzai! He is upsetting the balance in Pakistan and it is only just that we do the same!

  22. 22 Shahnawaz Khan
    September 21, 2008 at 6:00 am

    A bloodbath in the holy month of Ramadan and at a time when people were just sitting down to open their fasts. Is there any limit to how how low these extremist, fanatics, mullahs can go? They can easily justify it by claiming that everyone is going to go to Heaven and Baitullah Mehsud will even issue a certificate of Shahadat (I am not kidding..he really does issue the certs.) to put his seal on the monstrosity.

  23. 23 Mehreen Sheikh
    September 21, 2008 at 6:09 am

    I’m afraid the death toll will rise much higher by end of today because the upper floors and basements of the hotel have yet to be checked for bodies… such a terrible tragedy. This action MUST not go unnoticed and should be avenged. We owe this to those who lost their lives today.

  24. 24 Shoaib/Afghanistan
    September 21, 2008 at 6:17 am

    In reply to Iron Hide:
    I am very sorry for the killing of civilians in Islamabad. God bless them. However, it doesn’t mean that Pakistanis say what they want. See, it is happening in your country, who is behind the attacks? Taliban, Al-Qaida. Afghanistan was telling you to come together and fight against terrorism, since it is a regional problem. But Pakistan started negotiations with the terrorists. Negotiations recognized Taliban as a power and they found the time and opportunity to get stronger, make plans and attack. And now they are STRONG ENOUGH. Aren’t they?
    The second point, I think you are doing a mistake by saying Afghan National Army consist of the North Alliance members. The Afghan National Defense Minister is Pushton, and the army members are coming from all the groups proportionally. Pushtons’ share is fair too, no discrimination against Pushtons by a Pushton president and a Pushton minister. North Alliance has said that it is ready to fight against terrorism, but President Karzai doesn’t want it to happen now, since he thing our national army should do it.
    Furthermore, keep your plots with your ISI to keep the security of your county, your capital. Don’t suggest that ISI come and start building a pro-Pakistani government in Kabul, it cannot happen. Talibans were Pakistan’s project, but they couldn’t progress, because people didn’t like them they were not representing the Afghan nation. Pakistanis are Muslims, Afghans are Muslims too. Pakistanis are always saying that they are supporting and defending Islam is it fair to make plans and plots to kill your Afghan Muslim brothers by ISI and their trained groups? Is it the Islam you are talking about?
    Think a little more, we should come together, we should cooperate and get rid of these terrorists who don’t differentiate between foreigners and Afghan and Pakistani Muslims.

  25. 25 Saad Mukhtar
    September 21, 2008 at 6:35 am

    “However, it doesn’t mean that Pakistanis say what they want”

    And who might you be to tell us what we can say or can not say to begin with?

    “See, it is happening in your country, who is behind the attacks? Taliban, Al-Qaida”

    That’s funny though isn’t it. The taliban/alqaeda are fighting in Afghanistan too but nothing on this scale has ever happened there. Why so? Foreign elements are involved for sure!

    “Afghanistan was telling you to come together and fight against terrorism, since it is a regional problem. But Pakistan started negotiations with the terrorists. Negotiations recognized Taliban as a power and they found the time and opportunity to get stronger, make plans and attack. And now they are STRONG ENOUGH. Aren’t they”

    Before you come here and try to lecture us, do make sure you have done your homework Afghan boy! The so called ‘suggestion’ from Afghanistan to Pakistan to come together and fight against terrorism was merely an excuse for your Karzai and his troops to have free access to operate inside Pakistan along with US forces who have made your country their 52nd state! Yes we tried negotiations and they failed but we can say that we did everything we could before we went tough on them. What did your government do besides inviting India with open arms, giving safe havens to our enemies both inside and outside Pak, and making sure your drug/poppy business is thriving!

    “I think you are doing a mistake by saying Afghan National Army consist of the North Alliance members. The Afghan National Defense Minister is Pushton, and the army members are coming from all the groups proportionally.”

    There is NO SUCH THING as an Afghan Army! You have the US Army, their Marines, Navy Seals, and them you have the scum of the earth Indians! What ever remaining ill trained people you have that you call an army is a joke! Don’t insult my intelligence over that!

    “North Alliance has said that it is ready to fight against terrorism, but President Karzai doesn’t want it to happen now, since he thing our national army should do it.”

    Tell your dear President to KISS MY A**!

    “keep your plots with your ISI to keep the security of your county, your capital. Don’t suggest that ISI come and start building a pro-Pakistani government in Kabul, it cannot happen.”

    Who said we want a pro-Pakistan government in Kabul. We want you to mind your own f**king business, period! But I guess with your nose up your masters (UNITED STATES) behind, this simple fact is too hard for your to fathom!

    “Talibans were Pakistan’s project, but they couldn’t progress, because people didn’t like them they were not representing the Afghan nation.”

    Wrong! We might have envisioned them but who handed them the weapons? Your dear benifactors the US! And by the way, had there been no Taliban, you would be speaking Russian instead now! Thank your stars for that!

    “Pakistanis are always saying that they are supporting and defending Islam is it fair to make plans and plots to kill your Afghan Muslim brothers by ISI and their trained groups? Is it the Islam you are talking about?”

    Don’t drag religion in to this! That is what is the damn problem with moving forward on this terrorist threat! I dón’t care if this is a Muslim’s doing or not. Those who lost their precious lives will be avenged. Whether that happens in India or in Afghanistan will be seen really soon!

    The fact of the matter is that this is no game any more! Your country might love having the Yankees around but we have had enough of Karzai, India and the US! It is time to make harsh decisions!

  26. 26 Noah T
    September 21, 2008 at 6:50 am

    Enough of the blame game already! Let us deal ferociously with the local contractors of these foreign terror sponsors. Pakistan can not engage actively in proxy wars with the likes of India and Afghanistan when it is being torn from inside by gangs like TTP who are on RAW and Mossad’s payroll! We need to exterminate this vermin first. Once that is complete, we can look to get payback from our dear neighbors for their acts of kindness in our country.

  27. 27 Haider Wahab
    September 21, 2008 at 6:54 am

    @ Shoaib/Afghanistan, I am sorry but we can not rule out your country as one of the sponsors behind this attrocity! There is a long history of hatred and plottings that your government has done against Pakistan while collaborating with India and US and it’s hard to dismiss Afghanistan’s involvement despite what ever you have said in your efforts to defened your country.

  28. September 21, 2008 at 7:25 am

    See the true thing behind all this folks!

    Bush has just till November to save his party (and his face)…and he HAS to drag a few ‘hiding mice’ to show the world…like he came up with Saddam when he was losing, and his graph went up suddenly and he won.

    9/11, he attacks Afghanistan…20/11, he attacks Pakistan! Its as simple as that.

    Just see the true thing behind all this! In these 40-50 days, Pakistan may see hell let loose by US on its territory.

  29. 29 Shoaib/Afghanistan
    September 21, 2008 at 9:36 am

    Some points about Afghan-Indian governments relations:
    Afghanistan has diplomatic relations with many countries in the world and especially with its neighbors and the countries in region which includes India. Indian consulates in Afghanistan are all accordance to the international diplomatic norms. In fact, Afghanistan hasn’t let India do anything against Pakistan using Afghan territory. No one has heard any claim in this regard from the Pakistani officials either. If something wrong was going on, they could complain that India is doing something more than its legitimate business in Afghanistan. In addition, let’s assume Pakistan and India are the historic enemies, which they are. There are some other samples we should not ignore; one of them is the relationship of Afghanistan with Iran and USA. Iran and USA are historic enemies, but Afghan government is friend with both of them. Similarly, Afghanistan can be friend with both India and Pakistan at the same time, but I see Pakistanis have some problem with this. Furthermore, don’t forget: Afghans may have some problems with their neighbors, but they never sell them, in fact, we need them, we have a common history and culture, and we should work to preserve it. Two examples in this regard: 1: US blamed Iran for sending weapons to Taliban in Afghanistan, but Karzai didn’t accept it and said that Iran is our friend and played a positive role in Afghanistan. Example 2: At the time of Pakistan-India second war, Afghanistan had a border conflict with Pakistan, as it has now. Afghanistan could easily cooperate with India against Pakistan, but it didn’t. King Zahir Shah declared that Afghanistan would be non-biased in this war and doesn’t support any party. After war, Pakistani officials appreciated the Afghan position, which otherwise could put Pakistan under a harsh pressure.
    The issue of United States presence in the region:
    Many of Pakistanis in this forum talked about the US presence in Afghanistan. One of them even called Afghanistan as the 52nd state of US. See, we were under attack of a terrorist group named Taliban which was fully supported by Al-Qaida, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and UAE. After twenty years of war, we were weak enough to fight them, since they had many supporters in the back. Therefore, US alliance with Afghanistan could be a good option and we used this option. I think it was a smart decision. It is the same as Pakistan did from the time of its independence. Remember, Pakistan was and is heavily dependent to the United States. US is giving Pakistan billions and billions each year. During the Afghanistan war against Soviet Union, Pakistan kept half of the weapons for its army and US just ignored. So, please don’t say that your government doesn’t have anything with US. If you search through the international media, most of them say that Pakistani officials are resisting against US just to get more privileges from USA. In fact, they cannot overcome the terrorists in Pakistan and also don’t want the people to blame them. So, the easiest way is to say something against US in the media, but set in the negotiation table with General Mac Mullen in Islamabad. In addition, remember what your Foreign Affairs Minister said about the US attacks to Pakistan, which was legitimizing the attacks from Pakistan point of view.
    Again, I am wondering my dear Pakistani brothers are talking about killing people. Don’t you become sad when you hear the civilians are killed? I became very sad, when I heard about what happened in Islamabad, because the innocent people were killed. If ISI plans another attack to India or Afghanistan, on the reasons you gave on this forum, then aren’t you justifying slaughtering of innocent people, especially Muslims in Afghanistan? If so, is it what Islam says?

  30. September 21, 2008 at 11:47 am

    “Afghanistan was telling you to come together and fight against terrorism, since it is a regional problem. But Pakistan started negotiations with the terrorists. Negotiations recognized Taliban as a power and they found the time and opportunity to get stronger, make plans and attack. And now they are STRONG ENOUGH. Aren’t they”

    I don’t know why someone doesn’t point out the fact that every political allegiance that Pakistan has made with Afghans / Pashtuns in terms of peace, somehow has fallen apart. Either people with whom we had an accord were killed or the entire organization disbanded and replaced. It’s like someone doesn’t want Pakistan to be at peace with Afghans / Pashtuns.

    1000 KG worth of explosives… yeesh! where are they getting all their funding from…. it’s not like you can buy this much off the shelf…

  31. September 21, 2008 at 8:54 pm

    we are not afraid and we live like nothing really matters to us.
    Almost every country faces these types of terrorist attacks. Pakistan is a country who fights war against the terrorism.

  32. September 21, 2008 at 10:29 pm

    Read the news below with the Headline:
    “9-20: US Marines shifted mysterious steel boxes in to Marriott”

    See what I said; its the same old story.

    Open your eyes guys, see the real thing behind all this…
    …BUSH HAS TO SAVE HIS PARTY AND GET HIS MEN ELECTED AS PRESIDENT… and he’d do anything to achieve this goal!

  33. 33 M.Yasir Ali
    February 4, 2009 at 6:58 pm

    Salam Dears !

    I Want to tell you all that the attack was in the fovour of pakistan and pak country need to do just like in the future.we have the best army of the world and the best “gorillas” i.e talibans of the world and by this inshallah no one can defeat us.but on the other side we have the best corruption master i.e “OUR LEADERS” taliban should need to kill these leader then pakistan will be one of the most powerfull countries.and for this purpose we need musharraf again.musharraf was the real patriot and was the strong general of pak army ever.i solute to him who made isi one of the most powerfull agency in the world.and if we say that isi is the world number 1 then it is not bad because it defeat two supreme powers of the world i.e Russia and now defeating U.S taliban should need to resist just like that for two more years it will inshallah destroy american economy and will make their economy more weak.pakistan should need to make some more taliban indeed they are killing us but “they are killing us to save us”.And “.and life is that which is for our mother land pakistan and for all the ummah.thanks

  34. December 15, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    President, I think you’ll agree, this would probably put an end to all the name-calling that Democrats are currently subjected to thanks to our
    donkey symbol. I don’t need to look for bad things to say about fascists, the TEA Party Patronizers or Neoconservatives. Favorite thing about the Holidays.

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