Peshawar could fall to Taliban in a matter of months!

The threat to our national security could not get chiller than this!

A news post in the Daily Times says: “The Taliban are no longer at the gates of Peshawar, they’re inside, making their presence felt in the largest city in the NWFP. “

Fazlur Rehman, the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam chief has warned that it is only a matter of few months when news of the entire NWFP slipping out of the government’s control will come.

News is pouring on about para-military commandos being deployed on border with Khyber Agency to protect the provincial capital from a Taliban attack. Their numbers are said to be around 1,500. Yet another anti-terrorist force of 7,000 men is being raised to counter the creeping insurgency.

Meanwhile, the government, all too busy with their long marches and restoration of so called democracy and justice, is lingering on with their useless peace talks with Taliban. Right! Let me get this straight. The very people you have a peace talk with then go back and burn ski resorts like one in Malam Jabba to ground or execute some 20 odd peace activists. The very same people are roaming around in Peshawar, brandishing their AK-47s and threatening people to follow their distorted and abnormal version of Islam… or face the consequences. The local police is helpless and slowly but surely, Taliban are gaining control. The amount of time that they buy with talks, they focus on multiplying their numbers. So sad that it is ever so hard for our public or politicians to see.

I wonder everyday why there is never a single protest against the Taliban? Why are our oh-so-patriotic students, lawyers, politicians, and journalists alike not raising hue and cry about an enemy that threatens the very existence of the country and is knocking on our door steps? Are they part of the consipiracy too? Or are they being led blindly by a few who are using them to gain their personal goals. Such a shame.

Let me tell all those upholders of democracy and justice. Be as it may, your ‘struggles’ for Pakistan’s freedom will be like flushed toilet material if Taliban start roaming in Islamabad! Forget your democracy and justice and media then. Because neither do they believe in legal courts, nor do they believe in your governmental setup and they certainly do not appreciate the media! So you can kiss all your efforts goodbye!

Open your eyes! See the big picture and if you want to protest, put this on your agenda too! Otherwise, pretty soon, Taliban will deny you the right to protest either!


8 Responses to “Peshawar could fall to Taliban in a matter of months!”

  1. June 28, 2008 at 12:32 pm

    Aptly put!

    Taliban are like cancer for Pakistan. If not treated, it will spread throughout the body and kill it! Chemotherapy will make the hairs and nails to fall off but in the end, the body will survive.

    You don’t negotiate and make peace deals with cancer.

  2. 2 Jaf
    June 28, 2008 at 1:43 pm

    they should crush down hard on these freakin’ morons

  3. 3 Bilal
    June 28, 2008 at 10:45 pm

    I keep arguing with people that religious fanaticism is on the rise in Pakistan. People have to dispel and protest against these animals who claim to be the torch bearers of Islam. But unfortunately, very few people understand this. To most this is some sort of conspiracy going around by ISI. Whatever is the reality, but fact is that it is the biggest threat to our country.

  4. 4 Fahd
    June 29, 2008 at 1:16 pm

    ear brothers, sisters and friends,

    Assalam alaikum.

    The developments on the national security scene need our special attention and we want to alert the nation to the developments and sinister game plans being hatched rapidly.

    The government has totally failed in its responsibility to respond to the challenges with some high quality “Mir Jafars” and “Mir Sadiqs” taking over critical assignments to damage us from within. Topmost amongst them is the Pakistan’s ambassador in US and many more in the country.

    It is incredible that the government, parliament and the cabinet has refused to discuss the FATA security situation and have given the entire “responsibility” of the military options to the army chief and President !! This is a trap being set for the army and the country.

    Now when the things would began to get bloody, they will all point towards the army and blame it for the bloodshed of the “Muslims” and “our own people”. The Zionists assets within the media are creating the required panic and the false hype that Taliban are about to take over Peshawar and the militants on ground are simultaneously coordinating their attacks against the State to give further boost to this Zionist game plan to totally and comprehensibly weaken Pakistan from within to create an environment for the Americans to go after our nuke program.

    The government has refused to discuss this issue in the parliament, political parties are silent, not ready to share the burden of responsibility. Ideally, the issue should have been discussed in the parliament and the national reps should have decided what to do with the FATA and the militants who have declared a bloody war against Pak Sarzameen. Militants from the tribal areas and their leaders should have been called into the parliament to give their view and then an open debate should have been done for the nation to know what these militants want. But this is deliberately being avoided and trap being set for another bloody war in tribal areas and weaken Pakistan from within.

    It is a most sinister and comprehensive game plan in which White house, Pakistani government officials, sold out media and fake Jihadis are all party.

    While the Americans are creating an international hype against our nuke programs, their assets on ground, in media, government and within the militants, suddenly began to create a nationwide alarm, panic and violence.

    Please read this game. The events are not happening in isolation but are tightly controlled as we have written. We must raise our voice against this plan to create environment to target our nuke assets.

    We will only give a few media statements here to give you an idea how the actual game plan against nuke program is unfolding and how important it is for the US to gain access to the nuke program during this government. The campaign against our nuke program has suddenly got into the high gear and “suddenly” the violence in FATA has also erupted !!!!! Someone from within the militants is working hard to give excuse to the US to attack Pakistani nuke sites. This is serious.

    Pakistan high on US policy agenda: Rice
    By Anwar Iqbal
    WASHINGTON, June 19: Pakistan enjoys a prominent place in the US policy for Asia but it also is a place where America’s worst nightmare of a nexus of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction could materialise, warns US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

    Her policy speech on Asia, delivered at Washington’s Heritage Foundation on Thursday, covered a wide-range of subjects, from China, India and Afghanistan to Iran and North Korea’s alleged attempts to acquire nuclear weapons…


    Blueprints of N-weapon found: paper
    By Masood Haider
    NEW YORK. June 15: American and international investigators have claimed that they have found electronic blueprints for an advanced nuclear weapon belonging to the nuclear smuggling network run by A.Q. Khan, according to the New York Times.

    However, the newspaper said on Sunday that investigators had not been able to determine whether or not the blueprints were actually sold to the countries buying information from the smuggling ring…..


    US concerned over N-design distribution reports
    WASHINGTON, June 16: The White House has said it is concerned that the Khan network may have distributed designs of nuclear warheads and uranium enrichment technology among the so-called rogue nations.

    “We are very concerned about the A.Q. Khan network, both in terms of what they were doing by purveying enrichment technology and also the possibility that there would be weapons-related technology associated with it,” said National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley……


    A.Q. Khan denies selling N-weapon blueprints
    ISLAMABAD, June 17: Top nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan on Tuesday denied selling blueprints for an advanced nuclear weapon to Iran or North Korea, telling AFP that western countries were to blame.

    Mr Khan’s comments came a day after a former arms inspector said in a report that the United States and the UN atomic watchdog International Atomic Energy Agency must be allowed to question Mr Khan to learn if he sold the plans…..


    US wants curb against ‘N-proliferators’
    By Our Correspondent
    WASHINGTON, June 18: The US State Department has urged Pakistan to ensure that anyone associated with the so-called Khan network of nuclear proliferators is not “free to walk the streets.”

    The department’s deputy spokesman, Tom Casey, made these remarks while commenting on reports that the new government in Islamabad had eased restrictions placed on Dr A. Q. Khan by the previous government……


    Please, while we raise alarm, we should also remember to seek Allah’s help and do dua for the nation and the country.

    Wassalam and Jazak Allah

    Zaid Hamid

  5. 5 Fateh
    July 4, 2008 at 5:12 am

    This is all being done the Ranjt Singhi army of Pakistan…This rogue army has done these things in the past and they will do such things in the future. So instead of cursing Taleban, curse the criminal army of Pakistan…the gandmother of all terrorism.

  6. 6 Phantom
    July 4, 2008 at 8:41 am

    Wow Fateh excellent deduction! Blame the army for everything because ofcourse the politicians are always the pious ones haina? you should move to India, Afghanistan, or Israel. Plz take your pick. because you speak their language not of Pakistanis. If you hate the army so much then try doing their work for one day. Sitting on your a** and badmouthing them is not going to get you any where. Ort maybe you are a PMA reject and are now crying like a loser!

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