U.s. Strategy For Pakistan Looks More Fragile – NYT

An interesting read regarding the current situation in Pakistan.

In pushing for the deal that took Benazir Bhutto back to Pakistan, the Bush administration hoped to build a broader base of support that might help Gen. Pervez Musharraf stay in power.

But General Musharraf’s sweeping crackdown over the last week has raised questions about that strategy, not least when he sent thousands of police officers on Friday morning to prevent Ms. Bhutto from leading a protest rally against his imposition of de facto martial law.

The images coming out of Pakistan — of police forces blanketing the site of a planned rally by Ms. Bhutto, the opposition leader, and then barricading her inside her residence — were hardly consistent with the kind of cooperation the United States promoted.

Bush administration officials and Pakistani experts say they still believe that a power-sharing agreement between Ms. Bhutto and the general can survive. “We hope we’re seeing a little bit of political theater here,” a senior State Department official said… 

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4 Responses to “U.s. Strategy For Pakistan Looks More Fragile – NYT”

  1. 1 kashif
    November 11, 2007 at 1:12 pm

    The United States is about to ratchet up conflict inside Pakistan further. Why?

    1) Musharraf — he’s a thorn, an obstacle for US agenda in that region of the world
    2) Foreign Minister Khurshid Mahmood Kasuri said on Friday there was a need for forging closer bonds among the members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) and partners to help improve its efficacy in dealing with the threat of extremism, and improving the overall regional security environment, i.e. US/NATO hegemony.
    3) Iran and Pakistan have finalized a contract for a multi-billion-dollar gas export deal scheduled to be signed within a month. This pipeline is against US interest hence why the BLA’s terrorism was activated with the given nod from Condi when she had a private 1-hr meeting with the now dead Akbar Bugti.

    Things are going to get bad.

  2. 2 Saleem Hayat
    November 11, 2007 at 1:13 pm

    Yes things are indeed going to get bad but i personally believe something that most people tend to forget or ignore Pakistan also harms American interest in another way and that is by being China’s biggest ally which it self hampers american interest if we look into this in a wider context we would see that US was/will try to army India through teeth so it could supress china’s rapid military growth but that will always be nutralized because china would always counter that effect by arming Pakistan to teeth and thus india would be more concerned about Pakistan’s military might which its self if not better is always at par with that of india if not better.Having said that i would continue by saying no matter how bad things are if China is in a conflict with either American or indian(very unlikely so far) Pakistan would always side with China that its self creates problems for the americans whom seem to have a chinese phobia.

    I believe this great game has a lot to do with China,and Pakistan seems to be a thron in that plan because of its location, imagine the advantage americans would have if they had bases in pakistan similar to those that they have in germany and Japan it would be china’s worst nightmare personally i believe China also is concerned about pakistan since we are to china what israel is to the americans in the middle east in a way we always happen to contain india indirectly for the chinese as well,if not for our personal reasons(including kashmir and other unresolved disputes) ironically Pakistan whose given such a bad name in American and western media actually happens to be centre of attention when it comes to China, hell even Russians are concerned about americans when it comes to pakistan we all know the U-2 flights that took from peshawar during the cold war.

    in the end i would say there is a much more bigger game being played here and we seem to be part of it and it involves all the major players and super powers out there Pakistan is a stratigic heaven for the Americans if they get complete control over it.

  3. 3 007
    November 11, 2007 at 1:15 pm

    Pakistan IS China’s access to the Indian Ocean, and with Iran to the west is a formidable barrier to western power. As to the encircling of China, its already bad enough with Afghanistan. If they loose Pakistan they are cornered. Things are coming to a head. I think, even if India does not join as permanent member the SCO such as things are, may be even Russia would not oppose Pakistan as a full member. It shouldn’t at any rate. That might also give India something to think about.

    The west is much after Pakistan. If the “religious” really put on their thinking cup they would understand who they should have in the crosshairs. Unless they in fact are sold to the west.

  4. 4 MISBAH
    November 11, 2007 at 1:18 pm

    It is absolutely shameful that everyone knows that US is interferring in Pakistan’s internal affaris and there is nothing being done–absolutely shameful!!! And honestly we as a nation deserve to go down the drains and be destroyed!! It is absolutely freaking BS to have such a coward leadership!!! The most shameful act of the present leadership is that they haven’t bothered coming on the National Media and openly talking to the entire nation about what is going on in the country and that US is behind this!! If they have the courage to do this I can assure you that after knowing the truth the whole nation will united!! But unfortunately we as a nation will always remain beggars!!!

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