Action against Jamia Hafsa after April 3

The Islamabad district administration has decided that it will take action against the students of Jamia Hafsa and Jamia Fareedia madrassas and the operation is likely to start after the hearing of a presidential reference against the Supreme Court chief justice on April 3.

The sources said that a meeting chaired by Islamabad Chief Commissioner Khalid Pervaiz decided that the Rawalpindi police and Rangers would be summoned for an operation against the madrassa students for trying to “Talibanise” the federal capital, adding that the administration was waiting for the Interior Ministry’s approval. Meanwhile, the police have shifted three women and a six-month-old baby freed on Thursday by the madrassa students to an undisclosed location. Muhammed Tariq, a police official said that police had registered a case against Jamia Hafsa Vice Principal Abdul Rashid Ghazi, and more than two dozen students for abducting the three women and the baby and confining them illegally. “We will definitely arrest them,” he said.

In a meeting chaired by Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) Chairman, Dr Khalid Masud, and attended by Javed Ghamadi, Dr Manzoor Mughal, Rashid Ahmad Jullandhry, Justice (r) Munir Mughal, Daman Ali Shah, Abdullah Khilji and Said Bibi also expressed concern over the growing lawlessness and religious extremism in the country.

Source: Daily Times


8 Responses to “Action against Jamia Hafsa after April 3”

  1. April 6, 2007 at 7:48 am

    All bullshit, I dont know where Pakistan is heading…. What students of Jamia Hafsa is great and I support them. I have stayed and studied in Pakistan for more than 8 years, 3 years in Islamabad. I know what is going inside Islamabad and other places.

    I would simply say to those people who want freedom and want to take action against these students…. peolpe you have mentioned (Muhammed Tariq, Dr Khalid Masud, and attended by Javed Ghamadi, Dr Manzoor Mughal, Rashid Ahmad Jullandhry, Justice (r) Munir Mughal, Daman Ali Shah, Abdullah Khilji and Said Bibi ) give your sister and daughter to me sleep with them one night only…. I will pay them too…. after all you people believe in freedom not in Talibanisation…… Can you give me…..

    Don’t talk bulshit and nonsence… I don’t want to see Pakistan turing into whore house… another Thailand…..

    If I am wrong write me at

  2. 2 Tariq Shah
    April 7, 2007 at 12:04 am

    I really liked you commentary, its funny on such a tragic subject.

    The Holy Koran clearly states, “There is no compulsion in religion” What part of this do these ignorant idiots not understand?

    I blame Musharaf and his fear of religious gangsters, he has been afraid of them from the start, he is not afraid of politicians and political parties with a legitimate grievance against his illegal rule, but against these ignorant and jahill enemies of Islam, he is very scared as they threaten his rule. At the end of the day, Musharaf is also one of the same corrupt, useless type leaders that Pakistan has had the bad luck of raising from time to time..

  3. 3 Rehan
    April 8, 2007 at 12:04 am

    asalam alekum to muslim readers .. I am a muslim from USA and i feel that the women have the “RIGHT” intention but they donot have the right method, this is extremisim women abandoning their families and rebellion and threatening of suicide acts against fellow muslims by male students is invitiation to hellfire thats all… if these students had knowledgable teachers this wouldnt happend but it seems our nation is plaqued with deviant groups all over. May allah guide them and help them in adapting to the way of the salaf us saliheen n not become like the extremist, khuawijs.

  4. 4 Muslim
    April 9, 2007 at 5:04 pm

    Slam to everybody.
    i think its need to stop the evilness from socity our culture is getting more and more ugly.Because of pimp houses and so many other bad things that must be stopped.

    But i don’t think the way jamia hifza talbat r doing is right one.
    This is totally extremism islam did allow extremism from single
    pharase i want to explain “islam spread through love peace honesty and with good moral of Hazarat Muhmmad(pbuh).Never islamization use the such a rude style as jamia hifa talbat and management is doing. you may ask about the battles like Khyber,Khundaq,ohad and so many other but dear they were not to teach islam these battles were to save islam when religious extremist from other religion want to ruined islam then Muslim feel the need of “Jihad”.
    So i will say that the methodd adopt by the talbat was totaly wrong there thinking may be right they should change their method.Espacially in pakistan where multiple religion r different “Fiqa’ people are living the act of the student can cause big battle in the country. Stop extremish
    Allah hafiz

  5. 5 Anti Taliban Movement
    June 25, 2007 at 1:35 pm

    Aslamualikum Every Body

    Frist of All i want to say “Sorry” for my any mistake in writeing…

    I read all your Boys views.. Specialy Mr. “Asme” Can the give me answer of my question?????????

    Mr. Ask me ,,,, I am working in a private canadian based company . They are closeing there offices here due to you Taliban & jamia Hafa Basterd activities….

    They are Transfer there Business in India… Foreigners are now days afraind to come pakistan…

    Mr.Ask me I am only earning hand of 5 memebers of family. I dont know when and where i will get new job. In the mean time how can i survaive with my family. My futureis totle in darkness………….. Tell me what must i do now ……..

    I know you dont have answer of my question…. i have answer then you will make me your “Gharr Dmadd” …..
    Amm i right Mr. Asme ???????
    I never go to “Randis” and never do this type of bull shitts.

    But the immage the Bluddy “Talibans” and “Jamia Hafsa” are createing about muslims and Pakistan is very Danger…

    We all Pakistani must come toghter and stoped these basterd otherwise This countery will cut in pieces.

  6. 6 K.Kuryllo
    July 5, 2007 at 8:39 pm

    Islam is emotionally dysfunctional and broken. Hearing the word Islam invokes visions death and destruction. Look at the West Multicultural, successful, healthy life for the people who live along side with one another respecting diversity. How difficult is this to understand for easterners. Islamic teachings of isolation and oppression are the undoing of Islam. Whatever happened to Islam meaning peace? Islam is a wonderful rich faith that has become a tool of division, control, murder, and oppression. This blood-cleansing ritual is utter non-sense. History is not what defines any people or religion; what defines us is how we live in today, tomorrow and in the future. The past is gone and should be forgotten and forgiven. The future is the key, a future of peace, diversity, and understanding of others with open-mindedness and kindness in our hearts. Anger and hearted is the end of Islam.

  7. 7 Pashi
    August 9, 2007 at 9:43 pm


    There are numerous seminaries in and around Islamabad, so why this confrontation between one of them – Jamia Hafsa, which is essentially a girls seminary – and the Government? And why now, and not earlier, since this seminary has been in existence since over three decades? It will be agreed that the cause of this conflict arose because the students and administration of Jamia Hafsa decided this January, to pro-actively move for enforcement of Sharia Law in the country. The immediate cause of the Jamia adopting this course was the demolition of seven mosques in Islamabad by the Capital Development Authority that had been built without government’s authorization. To demonstrate their intent, students, both boys and girls of Jamia Hafsa, raided a brothel and held its ‘madam’ captive for a time, and did the same with a few policemen They did this to rid the city of vice as they believed the law enforcing agencies were not doing their job. The government decided to crackdown when the Jamia’s students kidnapped a few Chinese whom they accused of running a den of prostitution. The government posted a force of Rangers around the Jamia complex to contain its residents and restrain them from committing such acts in the future. This step brought both parties into a face-to-face armed confrontation that resulted in the military operation which took a heavy toll of human lives, mostly those of students, with the final tally still not known.

    Having understood the prime cause, it will be necessary to examine the viewpoint of each of the three parties involved, to find out what led each of them irrevocably into this armed conflict. First, the seminary students, both girls and boys: judging by the statements made by many of them before, during and after the operation, it can safely be said that all firmly believed that they were acting for the sake of enforcing Islamic law in the country and against a Government pitted against the forces of Islam, evident in its collaboration with the US and its ante-Islam policies in the international ‘War on Terror’. That they were ready to confront any force and lay down their lives for their sacred cause. There is no credible evidence to believe that any student believed otherwise and was being forcibly held in the seminary against his or her will and wishes. Almost all students who survived the holocaust have confirmed this position.

    Second, the Jamia administration led by the two Maulana brothers: their role in the entire episode is not as clear-cut as that of the students and indeed, in places it appears very questionable; but some of their motivations can be deduced from what they said and did. Their primary objective evidently, was to publicize their Islamic agenda which is why they chose high profile targets like the ‘Madam’, the Police and the Chinese, to generate public and international interest in their activities. They also seemed to want to demonstrate the retrogressive nature of their concept of the Islamic law and thereby present to the world the ‘fundamentalist’ face of Islam by showing that they, including their militant girls, were ready to take up arms in a ‘holy Jehad’ to uphold their beliefs and face all consequences, even death, in pressing these demands on the government and the people of the country. So why were these two very aware and well-read Maulanas so intent on demonstrating their ‘militancy’ to the world, knowing full well how this will be seen and received by the people, the government and all the interested parties abroad?

    One aspect of this stance of the brother’s stems, no doubt, from their teachings at the Madrassah where students were led to accept the introduction of the ‘Sharia Law’ as the final cure for all the ills of Pakistan, and worthy of sacrificing one’s life for. This is what motivated the students: but did the Maulanas seriously believe that the way to follow lay in armed confrontation with the Government? If that were so, why would Maulana Abdul Rashid Ghazi remain constantly in touch with the government and the Media on the cell phone negotiating a compromise, till moments before the final assault? No, clearly the Maulana’s were not inviting all the inmates of the Jamia into a bid for mass suicide. In continuing to negotiate after it had firmly and repeatedly stated that it would not negotiate, the Government too was sending out the clear message that it wanted to end this impasse through a negotiated settlement. The Maulana’s clearly believed that they would be allowed to emerge from this with their lives and honor intact.

    The government insists that the military assault on the premises was ordered only when the negotiations finally broke down. Even without going into the murky details of the terms of agreement and causes of the final breakdown of negotiations, it is pertinent to recall that a political settlement that had been reached with these clerics by the government on the same issue a month or so earlier had been scuttled because the government reneged on it. Further, even a cursory glance over the events of the last few years will show that this kind of religious activism has become endemic in many of the backward areas of the country. NGO’s have been targeted in many districts over the years for doing what has been seen by clerics as un-Islamic activity. As a result, many foreign donor-funded projects were attacked and their work suspended; and some even abandoned, at great cost to the nation. Shops, cinema houses, hotels and brothels are being regularly targeted for the same reasons. So why does the Government not move in with the force of arms to enforce its writ when such incidents occur? The inference is inescapable, that the Jamia Hafsa clerics were attempting to do this in the capital city, Islamabad, on a stage that was in full view of the International community, where they defied the authority of the Government by trying to enforce their own moral standards.

    Prescribing their own standards of morality for the people is also considered the main crime of the Afghan Taliban, for which they have internationally, been declared as terrorists. The Hafsa inmates were therefore to be seen as terrorists within the same meaning of the definition, from the government’s viewpoint, and would, therefore, need to be eliminated by force in the war against terror, as Pakistan is a front-line partner in this war. These clerics and students were consistently referred to as ‘terrorists’ and ‘extremists’ by the government during the military operation even though their crimes till the point the operation started, were of a nature that evidently did not warrant this label. If they had been considered as mere law breakers, which they were, then the Government would have had to proceed against them under law, through the courts. This is important to understand, as it shows that this conflict had stated international (US War on Terror) foundations and the assault on the Jamia was not undertaken by the army merely to establish the writ of the civil government. It was showcased as a decisive blow struck by the Government of Pakistan against the spread of ‘talibanisation’ into the cities of Pakistan. This is the only way this complex sequence of events can be understood unless the government provides evidence to the contrary.

    The amazing aspect is the two Maulana brothers appear to have colluded with the government in getting dubbed as ‘Urban Taliban’ as they (ostensibly) readied themselves for an armed encounter with the Pakistan Army. For this clash however, all they had were some Kalashnikovs, some hand grenades, girls in the front line and no training whatsoever in warfare. Clearly Maulana Ghazi was posturing during the period of stand-off, and was being emboldened by assurances coming from outside that he should stick to his position as, eventually; he and his followers would be baled out through a negotiated settlement. The government too, showed no hurry to act for a variety of reasons, not least of which was to gain public approval for allowing time for negotiations, and for not taking precipitate action. This too was misread by the worthy Maulana, as dialogue of the script.

    A demand for a safe passage by the Maulana would seem preposterous when killing is going on with some security personnel already dead: but even more amazing, the government continued to dialogue with their killers. At this stage, the Maulana sensing the agenda turned to bargaining a personal reprieve instead of resolutely adhering to the cause. He was willing to accept most of the terms of the government for his safety, even to the extent of sending out 15-20 of his fighters into captivity. But this, as he was to discover when the final assault was launched, was not written in his script. The elder brother proving more astute had slipped out earlier; it was the younger, more daring and trusting brother, who paid with his life for co-producing this monumental tragedy.

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