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WeCite Welcomes Aleena!

Our newest and freshest (if there is any such thing) addition to the WeCite Blog family is a sweet, charming, shy, and homely girl who likes to talk about home decorations, kittens and share yummy recipes… NOT!

Enter Ms. Aleena Kaiser (otherwise known as Sherry), a 24 year old bubbling party animal from Karachi who just loves life and believes in ‘spreading love and ishtyle all around’. She’s quick and fiery and after her countless travels around the world, she has found her place at WeCite (for the time being atleast).

Aleena is passionate about movies, gossip, fashion, and ‘any thing that makes you go ooooh’! She promises to bring one twist after another to the WeCite Blog (the prospects of which has fuzz worried to death right now) and wants to share her life’s experiences for every one to learn from (ahem, did we mention she’s ONLY 24?)!

Welcome to WeCite Aleena. We hope you do a kick @$$ job of keeping our readers entertained and well-informed! :D


News Links : May 19

Shoaib Akhtar and controversies go hand in hand I swear. It’s like this man was born to be the centre of attention; for all the wrong reasons!

Pakistan’s daily, The Nation, posted a story a few days ago regarding airport customs officials finding empty syringes in his luggage while he was travelling to India to play in the Indian Premier League.

Shoaib’s personal doctor and trainer, Dr. Tauseef Razzak dismissed the claims as rubbish!

Talk about Shoaib telling the Customs officials that he needed the syringes to inject insulin as he is a diabetic patient is not true. He has asthma problems and uses an inhaler, for which he has got permission from the International Cricket Council (ICC) 

We don’t know if all this is true or just plain old ploy being sponsored by the disgruntled PCB when they got kicked in the face and had to allow Shoaib to play in the IPL. Or maybe it’s the newspaper merely ‘creating’ a sensational gossip because they didn’t have a ‘real’ story about the speedster to publish.

I say leave the guy alone. He’s doing well and entertaining the crowds out there. Give him breathing space and let him do what he does best.

Some links from around the world this morning:

Suicide attack kills 13 in Mardan, Pakistan

Shoaib’s Doctor Rubbishes ‘Syringes Report’

Soldier Used Holy Quran For Target Practice up for sale! Any Takers?

Prince Harry Almost Killed a Family!

Salman Butt’s 73 fails to save Kolkata Knight Riders!

Ellen DeGeneres to marry her lesbian partner Portia de Rossi

Fraud boy hires hookers to play “Halo”

Bollywood woos Pak back to cinemas



Barbarism or Justice Served?

Image sourced from

The crowds that gathered around and witnessed the burning bodies of the three robbers near the Timber Market, Karachi yesterday said they were ‘happy over the incident and praised the persons who had torched these robbers alive.’

Is this justice served or a mob that acted out of sheer frustration and torched three men, two of whom died on the spot and the third succumed to his death in the hospital?

Granted the looting and robbing of citizens has reached new highs in recent times and the people were fed up of being robbed and looted. But can this act of ignorance and brutality ever be justified by any means? Where is the sense in torching three human beings to death? What law were these people following and why have none of them been taken in to custody for murder?

As always, there were conflicting reports of what actually happened and how. Daily Times stated that only one police mobile was present at the time when the robbers were fleeing after looting a house and were fired upon. As a result of the chase that the police gave, two of the robbers were shot dead and one was critically wounded. The mobs wanted to beat and set fire to the three bodies which they gladly did while both the police and the Edhi Ambulance people were shoved back by thousands of angry residents.

There was a conflicting account in the very same news clipping that the robbers were caught fleeing by the residents and were beaten up with any thing they could lay their hands on and THEN they were torched to death while atleast 5-6 police mobiles and one ambulance service were rendered helpless by the angry crowds.

What are we turning in to? Just recently we saw chaos in Multan where angry mobs took to the streets and damaged private and government property in their own style of protests against the impending load sheddings. And now yet again, law has been taken in the hands of a common man and three men, although criminals, were burnt alive in broad day light as a lesson for others who followed the same path.

So does this mean we do not need law and order in our country any more? Is there no need for police or the army or the courts or any laws and sentences?

Who is going to be held responsible for this heinous act? The robbers who rob, the people who killed them, the policemen who watched, the ambulance staff who couldn’t help, or us all who will think about this for five minutes and then move on?


Daylight Saving… Again!

Seems like we are going to have the daylight saving rule implemented yet again from next month in the country!

Reason: to reduce the impact of acute power shortages in the country!

According to one news, the country is facing a massive 4,000 MW power deficit that the current government plans to make up for through daylight saving. They also claimed that load shedding would be overcome in three years time (by 2011), which actually refutes a previously mentioned  claim by the same govt when it stated a while back that load shedding will continue till 2010! I wasn’t surprised then and neither am I now! *chuckles*

So everyone, be sure to move your clocks an hour ahead on June 1.


Tragedy at LUMS: Hashir Munawer

The general mood at the Lahore University of Management Sciences has been that of shock and sadness ever since the news of one of its final year student’s suicide went public. Hashir Munawer, a 4th year economics major hailing from DHA Karachi committed suicide on Tuesday (April 22) by hanging himself from the ceiling fan in his hostel room.

His friends and mentors described him as average in his studies but a good volley-ball player. He had recently been put on probation by the administration owing to his low CGPA. The deceased was found by his younger brother Aqib (a student himself at LUMS) and hostel warden who entered his room with the spare keys when they found it locked and no response came from inside.

It is still being argued as to whether the cause of this tragic incident was indeed because he came under immense stress after being put on probation and was facing pressure from his parents as well. However, a friend of his by the name of Sana recently posted on the naitazi website dismissing these media rumors as mere ‘misinformation’.  

One of the Lahore Metroblogs author, lah_hareem has blamed the system for Hashir’s sad demise. Stating that there have been 4 (unconfirmed though) suicide attempts at LUMS, the post quotes:

Changing policies at the drop of a hat and then implementing them on graduating classes and not the next new intake, the insensitivities of a “perfect” world. Does this not happen everywhere? Students get kicked out of schools in their final years for O and A levels only because they are not performing “up to the mark”? Who defines success? Who defines this mark? Have we lost our values and basic regard for humans around us in this vicious cycle? a fourth grader taking as many tuitions as there are subjects. Is “winning” everything and “living” does not measure up?

Read the full post here

Whatever the reasons may be, a life has been lost. Hashir Munawaer is no longer among us and the void he has left might never be filled. May Allah forgive him for his sins and grant him peace (Amen).

Hashir’s image courtesy of Lahore Metroblogs




Doh Paisay! Launching Soon!

The WeCite Blog is proud to sponsor a new online venture by the name of Doh Paisay which is launching soon at !

What is it about ?

Hurry on to the link above and see for yourself folks :)


WeCite is …glad that Facebook is removing ‘is’ from status updates!

Don’t know if this is already known to many but heck, just read it out here again even if you already know!

Good news!! The word ‘is’ will no longer be a constant in the status updates that we (the ardent facebook junkies) have to set about!

This sounds like a foreign language to many of us, but the blog states the following:

“The return value will now start with a verb, so prepending “is ” is no longer required. So in order to construct a full status message it is now $name + ‘ ‘ + $message, instead of $name + ‘ is ‘ + $message.”

Get the drift? Do ya?

Click on the Facebook Developers Blog for more news on this!


WeCite Entertainment’s Open Mic Nites // July 14, 2007 @ Civil Junction Islamabad

This is WeCite Entertainment’s calling to all budding musicians, song writers, lyricists, poets, writers, and stand up comedians alike.

From July 14, 2 thousand and 7, WeCite Entertainment brings to you a chilled out avenue dedicated to the promotion of hidden talents in Islamabad!

Think you have a good voice but can’t get hold of an audience? Think you have it in you to tickle the funny bone? Think you would like some promotion for your latest piece of poetry? That and so much more is what WeCite Entertainment’s Open Mic Nites are all about!

Come relax with us at the well known Civil Junction café in Islamabad where aspiring talents from all across the city give you a colorful mix of their performances* for your listening and viewing pleasure.


*Performances will be subject to auditions scheduled to be held at Civil Junction in the first week of July.

OM-Nites is hosted by Fauzan Sohail @ Civil Junction, Islamabad and brought to you by WeCite Entertainment, the ‘RANDOMLY SPECIFIC’ Entertainment Group in collaboration with the Civil Junction cafe, Islamabad.

For further details and to enroll for auditions:


Click @:


Call: +92 321 536 3781




Official details of reference against the CJP

The details of reference against Chief Justice of Pakistan are out, courtesy of BBC

Gen. Parvez Musharraf has filed the following reference against CJP which has been sent to the Supreme Judicial Council – Reference reports that CJP used his powers from getting his son admitted into Medical College and then getting him a job in Police Department.

BBC has acquired the long awaited file through its sources. BBC maintains that the following text doesn’t contain views of CJP Justice Iftikhar Chudhary and are being published only in public interest.

Read on for the complete reference:

Continue reading ‘Official details of reference against the CJP’


Pakistani Zombie Movie premiers at Natfilms Festival Denmark

A Pakistani horror film “Hell’s Ground” or “Zibah Khana” has the world premiere in NatFilm festival in Denmark scheduled from March 23 to April 1, 2007. This Pakistani horror movie is directed by Omar Ali Khan – the first true, gore-packed zombie-movie to come out of Pakistan. Featuring history’s first Muslim zombies (and midget zombies!) in a story about a group of teens who meet “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”-style psychopaths on their way to a rock-concert, producers are almost certain ‘Hell’s Ground’ will not be approved for domestic release by Pakistan’s censor board. ‘Hell’s Ground’ is part of the NatFilm 2007 series ‘Asian Horror’.

Although, it may sound like a copy of a number of zombie movies released recently, however, the idea of going to a rock concert through a jungle !! .. thats where things go a bit crazy. I dont recall any jungle being around any concert venues, atleast in the main cities of Pakistan.

However, its not about criticizing, it is a great effort and I’m for once, actually proud we have a movie that premiered in the international film festival and that too … in the horror genre.

A short clip from the movie can be viewed on Youtube.

Movie Website, although needs a bit of work: Zibah Khana.


Fauzan’s New Column

Hello everyone!

With much anticipation and excitement, we present WeCite Magazine’s editor, Fauzan Sohail’s column for the WeCite Blog titled Crumbled Cookies. Every week, join Fauzan as he tickles the funny bone with his hilarious and sarcastic pieces focusing on ‘what the hell’ is going on in the world!

You can access the column from the WeCite Blog Menu on the right.

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